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Manufacturing Facility Management

Provide a safe environment for all working on site.

Maintain Your Facility's Safety

Safety at busy manufacturing plants is paramount. Areas that need safety solutions include walkways and pedestrian routes, leading edges, mezzanines, HVAC units, and ladderways. Fall protection does not readily come to mind when discussing warehouse safety hazards, but these hazards exist. The safety of people maintaining equipment on a factory rooftop needs to be addressed. All commercial roofs should have installed fall protection systems that inspectors and contractors can use so they can walk and inspect roofs and perform repairs or replacements of roofing materials safely. If you allow people to walk on a roof without any precautions in place, you will be out of compliance with H&S regulations and subject to fines. You could also face insurance issues for not following regulations.
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Safety Products for Manufacturing

Safety Railing System

Kee Klamp® Safety Railing Systems

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Self Closing Safety Gate

Kee Gate® Self-Closing Safety Gate

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Pallet Gate 3

Kee Pivot® Pallet Gates

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Kee Guard Topfix 1

Kee Guard® Roof Railings

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KS KWA 5793

Kee Walk® Rooftop Crossovers

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fall arrest system| horizontal lifeline| fall restraint| lifeline fall protection

Kee Line® Horizontal Lifeline

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Kee Cover 2

Kee Cover® Rooflight Covers

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