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DavitPro Arms

Lightweight aluminium abseil davit system compliant with BS 8610:2017 & rated to 21kN

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Lightweight and Compliant

DavitPro davit arms are made from lightweight structural grade aluminum. Easy to carry and store, DavitPro has been tested to BS 8610:2017 for up to 2 persons under type A3, A4, and A5 procedures.
Davitpro Arm 01 R1

What can DavitPro Arms do for you?


Made from structural grade aluminium and meets the requirements of BS 8610:2017. The DavitPro range is rated to 21kN and independently tested to provide a safe and compliant engineered abseil solution.

Cost Effective

DavitPro Arms are significantly more cost effective than traditional BMU systems and require comparatively less maintenance. Quick and easy installation, efficient operation and minimal maintenance costs.


Enables multiple users to access simultaneously by using multiple DavitPro Arms that increases the range of operation. The simple design allows for efficient assembly by a single user with no single component weighing more than 22kg.


Three primary base types suitable for multiple substrates to cover a wide range of applications and site conditions. Standard davit height of 1.8m with standard arm lengths of 1m, 1.5m & 2m. Bespoke sizes also available upon request.

SEP DVP 7563


DavitPro Arms

  • Wide range of sizes to suit virtually all roof and building types
  • Davit arms are removable, easily disassembled, and can be carried by one person for storage between uses
  • Standard outreach arms available from one to two metres
  • Bespoke length outreach arms available
  • Aluminum ladder and standing platform available for easier access
  • Powder coated finish and stainless steel fittings
  • Comes with a standard carry bag for easy transportation
  • Other accessories available 

DavitPro Arms - Details and Options

Length options

  • Standard Arm Lengths: 1m, 1.5m, and 2m
  • Standard Height: 1.8m


  • Access Ladder – Easier access to the davit arm
  • Access platform – Used when weaker parapets are in place
  • Counter boom – Allows for increased height and reach when back-anchor is not available


  • Bespoke dimension arms and masts are available
  • Split Mast Design: Split mast design makes the unit easier to transport
  • Pins for easy assembly and disassembly
SEP DVP 7572

SEP DVP 7566

DA Edit 15

There When You Need It

With a compact design and lightweight aluminium construction, DavitPro Arms comes in a conveniently sized carry case with wheels that can be easily transported.

DavitPro Arms - Certifications & Standards

  • DavitPro arms have been tested by the manufacturer to an ultimate load of 21kN. Testing conforms to BS 8610:2017 for 2 users (15kN for 1st user + 6 kN for rescuer) under type A3, A4, and A5 procedures
  • Certified by third-party international testing companies such as Lloyds British, Dekra etc.
  • Certified only for use with DavitPro bases
Davit Base 1 R5

DavitPro Bases - Features & Overview

DavitPro Bases

  • Three primary base types to cover a wide range of situations
  • Standard and bespoke sizes available
  • Several styles of D-ring attachment
  • Additional weathering options available

DavitPro Bases - Details and Options

Surface Mounted DB 1 R2

Surface Mounted

Height options: 212mm to 650mm Bespoke design to suit the application. Available with twin gussets for additional loading


Cast-In Place

Height options: Flush mount to 500mm Available with drip disk for weathering

Wallmount Davit Arms Ireland

Wall Mounted

Available in bespoke offset distances

Davit 4 Rigging R1

Tie-off Options

There are three different options for Tie-off points:

  • Hole – Connect directly to the base through a standard hole
  • Lugs – Connect a little easier through stand up lugs that are welded to the base
  • D-rings – Fall protection D-rings can be attached directly to the base for easiest tie-off experience

DavitPro Base - Certifications & Standards

  • All base designs have been tested to BS 8610:2017 Type A3

Frequently Asked Questions

    • How many users can the system accommodate?
      Each Davit system is designed for a single user with two anchor points located at the davit base allowing connection of both the primary working line and secondary support line. As the system is rated to 21kN a second user can attached to the system for rescue purposes.
    • What is the frequency of testing?
      The system needs to be tested and certified by a competent person, approved by the manufacturer every 6 months, as per the requirements of BS7883 2019
    • Can the davit arm it be used for lifting materials?
      No, not this specific arm as it is design for abseil use only and therefore tested and compliant with the appropriate standards. Davits designed for lifting must be designed and tested in accordance with Lifting Operations and Equipment Regulations (LOLER)
    • How many are required per building?
      It really depends on the frequency and duration of use. We typically supply 2 or 3 with each system but the quantity is determined on a case-by-case basis. Factors such as frequency and duration of use, building design, accessibility and budget will impact the quantity needed, but the Kee Safety technical support team are on hand to assist in this regard.
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