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Fall Protection Solutions For Data Centre Rooftops

Protecting your team with non-penetrating reliable safety systems

Fall Protection For Data Centre Roofs 2

Ensuring the Continuous Running of Data Centres

Data centres are complex facilities. The technical equipment inside a centre is extremely sensitive to temperature and moisture so environmental control is essential, as is ensuring continuous power.

Data centres require a variety of systems and equipment to ensure uninterrupted operation. These include ventilation and cooling systems, UPS, generators and cabling. As most of these will be situated on the roof, access will be required by engineers and contractors to carry out regular inspections, maintenance and emergency repair work, so safe access onto and across the roof is vital.

Fall Protection Products for Data Centres Rooftops

Roof Edge Protection (1)

Kee Guard

Roof edge protection, such as guardrails, is the preferred option for unprotected edges as they safeguard workers on the roof at all times and avoid the need for user training. Our Kee Guard® roof guardrails can be free standing, which means they simply sit on the roof and don’t require fixing through the roof’s membrane.

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Access Platforms Stepovers

Safe Access Platforms

Rooftops contain a variety of trip hazards. Changes in level, M&E equipment and obstacles such as pipework, cable trays and conduits can make a simple maintenance task dangerous if the worker has to navigate around or over these hazards. Access platforms and step-overs are simple, but effective ways to provide a safe route over an obstacle or to a different roof level.

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