Comprehensive Fall Protection For Food And Drink Manufacturer

Installation Details

Kee Safety worked closely with a customer in the South of India to help maximise the safety of workers on the roof of their food and drinks manufacturing plant.


The Problem

The customer was concerned about potential risks to their workers at their plant in Telangana, and wanted to take advantage of our free site survey solution to ensure all staff were protected.

We carried out a survey and highlighted areas of potential concern in a risk assessment report. The customer discussed with us concerns they had about unprotected skylights on their roofs and wanted a comprehensive, effective fall protection solution.

After further discussions and negotiations, we submitted our proposal for a range of fall protection solutions, which the client approved.


The Solution

Our proposal involved a number of solutions to ensure full protection on the client’s rooftop, including our KeeLine horizontal lifeline system, vertical lifelines for safe ladder access, and of course, Kee Cover rooflight fall protection for the unprotected skylights.

KeeLine is a wire-based horizontal lifeline fall protection system that allows for comprehensive fall arrest or restraint, and excels in areas where guardrails are not suitable. This personal fall protection system ensures people who have to access the roof can work safely without having to worry about falling over the edge of the roof.

Kee Cover, meanwhile, is designed to mitigate the risk of falls through skylights. Statistics show that more falls occur through fragile roof panels, such as skylights, than over the roof edge, so this was a crucial part of the project. Kee Cover works by covering the skylight with a mesh panel fixed to a modular steel frame, protecting the skylight without blocking natural light into the building.

These fall protection systems are designed to work together to provide a turnkey safety solution that protects workers and ensure companies remain compliant.


The Result

After the quote was agreed, the systems were quickly shipped to the site to be installed by one of Kee Safety’s approved fall protection installers.

The modular, simple design of the lifelines fall protection systems and skylight covers meant they could be installed quickly, minimising downtime and maximising cost savings for the client.

The final result not only looks fantastic, but you can also clearly see how effective the systems will be in protecting the client’s employees from falls, guaranteeing peace of mind for everyone involved.


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