Bespoke Mobile Access Platforms For Safe Industrial Access

Installation Details

Bespoke mobile access platforms for safe access issues in industrial environments

Kee Safety LLC was approached by a premier construction and facilities management company in Dubai to supply a solution which would maximise the safety of their workers when accessing the roofs of large vehicles.


The Problem

The client’s workers are regularly required to access the roofs of their bus fleet for air conditioning maintenance and repair. Two workers have to access the roofs at any one time to carry out repairs, doubling the risk of potential falls and injuries.

The client contacted Kee Safety LLC and requested our fall protection specialists to visit site, to observe the work being carried out and suggest the most effective solution.


The Solution

Prior to contacting us, the client’s employees were accessing the vehicle roofs using a small ladder platform. Unfortunately, this was only a short-term solution, as it could only allow safe access for one worker at a time.

After taking measurements and discussing the client’s needs, our safety experts quickly identified a bespoke mobile access platform as the ideal solution. Bespoke mobile access platforms are a flexible and customisable solution for almost any industrial access issue, enabling safe access and full freedom of movement.

The modular design of Kee Safety’s custom made access platforms allows us to tailor the product to the client’s requirements. Made from durable, hot-dip galvanised steel or aluminium modular pipe fittings, the platforms provide a truly effective and long-lasting solution.


The Benefits

Kee Safety’s bespoke mobile access platforms provide the client with a safe and efficient access solutions for their workers. Far more effective than the prior ladder solution, two workers can now safely reach the bus roofs to carry out work.

The mobile access platform can be manoeuvred across various inspection bays to carry out bus maintenance whilst keeping all workers safe.

Our client received not only a thoroughly tested and effective safe access solution, but savings in both time and money, crucial for this busy facility.


To find out more about this project you can watch our recent video presenting a full, in-depth project breakdown.

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